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Choosing the right timber is one of the most important decisions you will make when Creating the "WOW" factor of your home, A good quality Classic floor is what you need to make your home look like it should. THE MASTERPIECE


Parquetry Flooring

Have you been searching for an eye-catching and high-quality team to design, craft, and install lasting and beautiful timber flooring solutions? For over 20 years the passionate and skilled team at Euro Timber Flooring have proudly supplied our customers throughout Melbourne with high quality timber flooring and products.

Comprised of many different cuts of timber artfully arranged in geometric patterns our creative team can design and install captivating parquetry patterns of varying sizes based on our customer’s desires and directions.

European Oak Parquetry

Renowned for its colouration ranging from light yellow to brown the team at Euro Timber Flooring specialises in importing European Oak hardwood timber ready for cutting and treating. Thanks to its hardiness and vibrant range of colour European Oak is a perfect choice for use in intricate and geometric parquetry patterns. 

French Oak Parquetry

Thanks for its hardiness and durability, along with its wide range of available colours once it has been treated French Oak timber immediately improves the colour and effectiveness of timber parquetry. At Euro Timber Flooring we strive to make our beautiful and expressive parquetry stand apart from other available flooring solutions. 

Chevron Parquetry

Striking and able to break up the monotony of single-colour flooring options chevron parquetry can add a layer of complexity and beauty to your home. By expertly designing, crafting, and installing this expressive form of parquetry the team at Euro Timber Flooring can enhance the interior design of whatever room they are laid in. To learn more about the benefits of the species of wood we use or to discuss our available parquetry design options with our team call us today.